January 10, 2021 (Sunday), 3 pm

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall

Popular music in Hong Kong was once all the rage and flourished especially in the 7- 80s. The songs of singers and composer such as Sam Hiu, James Wong, Beyond are still familiar to the people nowadays. Their songs reflect the social microcosm of the time, resonate with the social era, highlight the perseverance of Hong Kong people, and unite the entire Hong Kong society. Different cultures influenced the popular music of the old age. There were not only local Cantonese music, but also night Shanghai-style dance music, and a bunch of popular movie theme songs. The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong will bring different types of Hong Kong music to you by performing in Western instruments. The concert features a performance of west and east by presenting Hong Kong old works that influence by both western and Chinese culture. Neon lights are also an iconic social symbol of Hong Kong. The neon lights background is going to immerse everyone in the unique feelings of Hong Kong.

Program Highlights
Brian Tse (Yin Ng Arr.)-School Anthem from McMug and McDull
Lo Ta-yu (Yin Ng Arr.)- Days on My Past
Elliot Leung Arr. -Hong Kong Film Music Suite
Elliot Leung Arr. - The Nightlife of Hong Kong in 1930s

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Program Enquiry: 2521 7673

Program conducts in Cantonese
Concert runs about 120 minutes with 15 minutes intermission

Program for all ages. One ticket is required for each person regardless of age. The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong reserves the right to change the program.