《"Totoro & Friends Fantasia ” 宮崎駿 x 久石讓動畫配樂交響音樂會》

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日期及時間Date & Time: 27 Nov 2021 (Sat),7:30pm
地點 Venue: 香港文化中心音樂廳 Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
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Standard Price Discount
Special Discount
A 680 680/ 680/ HK$
B 480 408/ 384/ HK$
C 380 342/ 304/ HK$
D 280 266/ 224/ HK$
小計 Sub Total: HK$
*特惠票價只適用於全日制學生/長者/殘疾人士Special discount ticket applies to Full-time students/Senior Citizens/People with Disabilities
捐款 Donation (音樂教育贊助計劃 Music Education Sponsorship Scheme)
贊助門票 Sponsored tickets
Every donation of HK$500 for two disadvantaged children to attend Totoro & Friends Fantasia Concert for free
其他金額 Other Amount    HK$
總計 Grand Total: HK$
捐款港幣$100或以上獲發收據作扣稅用途。Donations over HK$ 100 are tax deductible with receipt.

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捐款港幣$100或以上獲發收據作扣稅用途。Donations over HK$ 100 are tax deductible with receipt.
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香港青少年管弦協會有限公司(本會) 並不負責任何因郵遞延誤而引致的損失。
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特惠票價適用於全日制學生 、六十歲或以上高齡人士、殘疾人士及看護人。
Special Discount ticket applies to full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder.

A ticket-holder may be refused admission if any details on the ticket have been omitted or altered or if the ticket is damaged, defaced, or otherwise mutilated.

活動籌辦 / 主辦機構有權增減或更換藝人及 / 或更改已公佈的節目、座位編排及容納觀眾的數目。
The organizer/presenter of the event reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists and/or vary advertised programmes, seating arrangements and audience capacity.

The management of the venue where the event takes place reserves the right to refuse admission by any late-comers to the event. The management also reserves the right to determine the time at which and the manner in which late-comers are to be admitted.

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