August 14, 2022 (Sunday), 7:30pm


At the age of four, he began to compose; at the age of eight, he wrote his first symphony. Not only has he traveled through big cities since he was a child, but his name also traverses in the vast era of history. For more than two centuries, whenever we mention music history, we always talk about him.

And that name is Mozart. A rising star who has already attracted much attention at the "starting line". The theme of this concert is Mozart, hoping that his talent will become a guiding star.

The year of 2023 is MYO’s 20th anniversary, and the BP Orchestra was also established at the beginning of this year. This concert is the debut of the BP Orchestra. The performance will be presented by our newly recruited members to share their learning outcomes over the past few months.

About the Beginners Programme (BP):
BP is an orchestra designed for beginners. Members can learn with joy during regular rehearsals and have a variety of performance opportunities. Meanwhile, MYO has a complete promotion ladder, covering the range from beginner to diploma level. Members will gradually be promoted to the corresponding level of orchestras for training in the foreseeable future.

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Events run about 95 minutes with 15 minutes intermission. Program for all ages. One ticket is required for each person regardless of age. Presenter reserves the right to change the program.