23 July 2017

We are happy to announce the destination of our 2017 Summer Music Tour – London, UK. In this 10-day
tour, we are going to

  • Partner with the London Mozart Players (LMP) for music training. The LMP is the 1st chamber orchestra in UK which is now often touring around the world, participating in festivals and recording for different music labels. Artists from the LMP are all dedicated educators who are equipped with vast teaching experience. Training includes instrumental masterclass, choral training, ensemble training and other workshops on Organ and Bagpipes. In Music Appreciation, we will learn about how the interaction between Shakespeare’s work and classical music
  • Perform at St John the Evangelist – the home of LMP. This close to 150 years old church is famous for its excellent acoustics, which has been being recording venue for countless CD production and even used by BBC for broadcast.
  • Deepen our knowledge about British Music History. Besides watching a Broadway Musical, which is a cannot-be-missed items, we are going to visit Royal Albert Hall, the Elgar Museum, Holst Birthplace Museum and Handel’s Apartment!
  • Learn the British Culture, History and Beyond! After a Medieval banquet as the celebration after the performance, we will set our way to Stratford Upon Avon for Shakespeare Museum and Anne Hathaway's Cottage and the Warwick Castle before heading home!