15 July 2011

In 2009, we led our members and parents to experience the unique music learning training at Johann Brahms School of Music (“JBSM”) of Mürzzuschlag in Austria and received positive response.  The academy aims at providing young music learners with a unique opportunity to learn, to make and to share music with some of the most distinguished artists and professors from Austria.  


In addition to musical training, the Academy provides an ideal platform to learn about the Austrian culture, their language (German) and exchange experience and ideas.  Students will tour historic sites and follow the footsteps of famous composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Haydn and Strauss.  They will also be exposed to Austrian folk music and participate in Austrian folk dance, as well as form their own chamber music ensembles amongst friends and play music. It adds great value to you and your child and it will become a valuable lifetime experience of musical enlightenment.


For your Child

Prof. Ernst Smole, will be the Director of the Summer Music Academy and together with his professional faculty, students will learn music in various forms including instrumental, ensemble skills and master-classes.  An open-to-public graduation concert will beheld at the end of the Academy and a graduation certificate will be presented to students by Prof. Smole.