29 July 2008

We are happy to introduce to you an exciting performance and exchange opportunity for Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong (“MYO”) in 2008 summer.  We are officially invited to perform in the Aberdeen International Youth Festival, which will be held between July 30 to August 9, 2008 in Scotland.  The Festival is a world-class event and has over 40 years history in bringing together and presents the best young performers and performing companies.  It is a unique multi-arts event and has a reputation for attracting some of the finest youth orchestras, bands, young dance companies, classical dance academies and music ensembles from around the world.

Experience of Music Exchange and Make World-wide Friends
MYO will perform on our own or jointly present concerts in Aberdeen and North East of Scotland and we will present and take part in workshops and demonstrations to the students attending the Festival and to local audience.  This year, we are the only performing group being invited from China/Asia and others are coming from U.S.A., Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Ghana, Trinidad & Tobago and Scotland. (see appendix)

The World Festival of Youth Arts
While not performing, MYO members may attend other Festival performances, which may include classical music, choral music, dance, world music & jazz, theatre, other arts performance and workshops, with up to 1,000 performers (aged below 25) and over 70 events will be featured in this 2-week Festival.  Students will also have the chance to participate in other performing arts groups, which can be classical orchestra, opera, puppetry course and Scottish music making.  You can find further information about the Festival on www.aiyf.org .

Experience Campus Life
The entire Festival is housed at the University of Aberdeen campus (you can find further information about the university on their website at www.abdn.ac.uk) in single study bedrooms and students will dine and socialize together in common rooms and experience overseas boarding life.  During free time within the campus, students will also be able to take advantage of the sporting facilities at the University and we will arrange outskirt sightseeing tour upon our registration with the Festival in Scotland.

This performance tour will provide an excellent opportunity for our young people find joy in learning music, appreciate and experience the splendor of different countries in music and performing arts making, find contentment, and make friends internationally.