01 August 2024

1-11 August 2024

Embark on a 11-day music journey this summer with the MYO 2024 Summer Italy Music Tour, scheduled from 1 to 11 August. Since 2005, MYO has actively connected young musicians with the heritage of world music, providing music camps and tours across over 10 cities in 7 countries.

This year, we continue the tradition by delving into the cradle of classical music. As we return to the historic and vibrant province of Cremona, Italy, renowned for its contributions to the world of classical music, particularly as the birthplace of the legendary Stradivarius violins and home to some of the most revered luthiers in history, this tour promises a lifetime experience of musical enlightenment and cultural immersion. 

Our journey aims to ignite passion and foster significant milestones in both musical and personal growth. Participants will enjoy an intensive 5-day music learning experience in Cremona, featuring instrumental masterclasses, orchestra and ensemble trainings, and workshops that explore the depths of Italian music and culture. Alongside the educational activities, MYO members and their families will have the opportunity to explore the architectural marvels and historical wonders of Milan and Verona, culminating in a grand public performance in the Cortile Federico II Courtyard. This combination of intensive musical training and cultural exploration is designed to create valuable lifetime memories for our members.